nice things done for me recently

- she got me flowers and snacks when I was sad, brought me some groceries she knew I ran out of

- cooked for me with heartshaped pasta

- made me some breakfast with heartshaped pancakes

- got me a book I said I wanted to read some time (flowers for algernon)

- tells me how much she loves me, appreciates me, and how beautiful i am

- came over to my apartment while I was at work (she has a key) and cleaned some parts of my apartment for me as a surprise; cleaned some of my windows too

- lots of head and feet massages while cuddling or watching things

- offered to fix a broken dress for me and is currently working on it

And I love that these things happen not due to any special occasion or to make up for something, but it's just happening voluntarily outside of birthdays, valentine's day, anniversary etc. and it's mutual. 3 years and counting.